From design to move in day, we take you through each step of the project to make your dream building come true. 


Initial client meeting: What's your vision, design ideas, and overall budget? Let's discuss what you want to achieve and how we can turn it into a structure. We'll get digital photos and measurements of the space, write up what we think expenses will be, and coordinate schedules. If additional meetings are needed, we will set those up as well. 


Bid for consultants: Now that there is a design idea, we need to hire some builders. We will set up meetings with our top consultants, and you can decide who you would like to work with. We have a very select list of only the most talented and reputable consultants on the Central Coast. You will never get a consultant that didn't pass through our checklist first. 


Contracts and conditions: The paperwork needed for construction is laid out and discussed. We like to take as much time as you would like to review all the clauses and conditions in the contract. This is a big investment, and we want you to go into the construction phase feeling confident that all your needs are met within your budget. There aren't any hidden fees or surprises in our contracts. 


Design phase: This is an ongoing process and easily the most fun. We will talk about every detail of your dream space, and draft it to look exactly like you imagined. Some things might change along the way, and that's fine. We will make the adjustments and keep on designing. 


Progress meetings: As each phase of the project progresses, we want you to be a part of it. We will let you know about the current phase, what to expect for the next phase, and how you are doing on budget, time, etc. 


Permitting: Every project has to be permitted, but luckily you don't have to go through this process. We will submit all the necessary paperwork required, all you will have to do is pay for the permit. Trust us when we say it's a whole lot easier having someone else take care of the permit than going it alone.  


Construction: Once we have the contracts, permits, and design in place we can start building. The consultant you chose during the bid process will start construction and your dream home will be build in no time. 


Any job site issues will be addressed by our architects that visit each and every day of the week. We believe in a hands on approach to architecture, and stay involved in the construction phase all the way to the end. We believe great architects shouldn't just sit in their office and draft all day, so you can rest assured that there will be no loose ends.